The name originated as a "tongue in cheek" concept -
 Eliminate Susan's Yarn Stash 
You "knew" it, right?
 It didn't work!
                                       A Fresh Take on Classic Style
                               Finely Fitted & Finished in Luxurious Fiber
Signature Knitwear
  Ideas, patterns and workshops
for the
Intermediate to Advanced Knitter
ESYSKnits is a collection of ideas and techniques as eclectic as the tastes of the designer herself.
Within these pages, you will find color, shape, texture, embellishment and a variety of needlework techniques.   
  •    Order Art to Wear in a custom size; each piece exquisitely rendered and professionally tailored.  These garments have the internal structure reserved for couture clothing.
  •   If you are the creative type, try one of our  Knitting Patterns - directed toward the intermediate to advanced knitter. Our tailored designs have unique Couture Sizing  offered in a range of sizes within a specific body type.  Each pattern is packed with information, tested for instructional clarity and accuracy and personally supported by email should a question arise.  Some are also available as kits.
  •     Do you want to learn intermediate or advanced knitting techniques? Contact us to schedule one of our dynamic, highly interactive Workshops
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